Batter Up

Many of us weren’t around to remember the 1940’s but with Mr. Vogt telling a story he makes you feel as if you were there with him. This lover of baseball was introduced our new Volunteer Coordinator as “Jami from St. Louis” and from there they formed a bond. With a smile on his face he began to tell her how he and his wife were in New York to see the Yankee’s host the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1942 World Series. From the 3 different hotels, long cab rides, and ticket hunt they learned every detail about his most memorable baseball experience. The Cardinals took that series 4-1 and luck had it that Mr. Vogt was in St. Louis the following year to see the Cardinals receive their World Series rings.  

Mr. William shares his life's story and how Meals on Wheels is continuing to play a part in his life's journey

Like any true Philadelphian Mr. Vogt is a Phillies fan but he did (privately) admit to Jami the Cardinals come in as his 2nd favorite team. Things have changed for the Cardinals since his last trip. There is a new stadium with a great view of the arch which wasn’t even build the last time he was there. When volunteers delivered his meals the following week there a surprise for him. Jami Dolby sent 2 photos of the newly built Busch Stadium with a great view of the Arch with the volunteers to give to Mr. Vogt. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case it really was.

Delivering meals is truly just one piece of how we connect with out clients. Spending time with them and going the extra miles really does make a difference in their lives. Mr. Vogt is known for sharing stories about “the old days” and having volunteers come back and say “we lost track of time.”

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