Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels prepares volunteers to pay extra attention to seniors during the extreme high temperatures in Philadelphia.

Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels has not let the heat stop our mission of helping end senior hunger. With the heat wave in effect for the Philadelphia area, the seniors that we serve are receiving more than a healthy meal from volunteers each day. Staff and Volunteers are making sure our senior and homebound clients are staying cool and staying hydrated during the heat wave. Our volunteers often go into the home of clients and check to make sure they have a working air conditioner. We have learned that often seniors will have a working cooling unit but are not using it due to the cost of the electric bill. Even when using fans we often have to remind them that without a window open the fan is not doing the job needed to keep them cool.

John Rawlins from 6 ABC News (pictured above with Kim Morris, CHMOW Board President) was on hand this morning to do a story about CHMOW helping seniors Beat The Heat

If we believe a client is putting himself or herself into danger during this heat wave, we will attempt to speak with the client and make sure that they turn on the air conditioner and/or speak with a relative to do the same. One of the many benefits of our Meals on Wheels program is that we deliver fresh meals Monday – Friday including all holidays. It ensures that the client will have someone check on his or her well-being during those service days. We have instructed our clients to stay hydrated and wear light clothing. They also are aware that they may call the City of Philadelphia’s Heatline 215-765-9040 if they have other concerns or may need a cool place to go.

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