Adopt A Senior

 Why is giving now more important than ever?

  • Rising fuel and food costs
  • Lack of increased Federal Funds
  • The Adopt A Senior Holiday Appeal takes place from November through January. A Mother’s Day appeal takes place in May. Funds from these campaigns are allocated by the Board of Directors’ Allocation Committee four times a year insuring that no eligible senior in our service area is on a waiting list to receive a meal.

    Adopt A Senior today for

    • $50 per week
    • $150 for 3 weeks
    • $500 for 10 weeks

    Your gift delivers nourishment, comfort and independence…Thank you!

    Checks can be mailed to:

    Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels
    Keystone House
    8765 Stenton Ave.
    Wyndmoor, PA 19038