Volunteer Training

Personal safety and Handling Emergency Situations

Our volunteers’ safety is a top priority. We want our volunteers to feel comfortable serving the community.

When on delivery:

  • If a volunteer does not feel safe AT ANY TIME, he/she is to cease involvement in the task that poses a safety threat and immediately contact the office.
  • if you are injured or involved in an accident during your assignment he/she is to report the incident immediately to the office staff.
  • Never leave your unattended car running.
  • Be mindful of dogs that are protective of their territory and/or owners
  • Be aware of  your surroundings and trust your instincts
  • In case of an emergency involving the volunteer or client, call 911 and then call the office. Volunteers should stay at the scene until emergency personnel arrive.

Serving and delivering meals

  • While delivering the route, close the cooler to maintain the appropriate temperature inside
  • To insure the freshness of the meals, all deliveries are to be completed by 12noon.
  • Those volunteers working directly with meal preparation or service at the congregate site locations will be given training in food handling and preparation by the Volunteer Coordinator.