Work Place Delivery


What does a Workplace Delivery Team look like?

A team consists of 2-8 employees who agree to take turns delivering meals on day each month to homebound people. Volunteers deliver in teams of two, once a month.

What if there aren’t enough employees to form a team?

Smaller groups or interested individuals can deliver meals on a day that fits their schedule.

How long does it take?

The delivery takes about an hour. The deliever routes are all located within a 10mile radius of Chestnut Hill.

Who manages the process?

Each group picks one person to be the team leader. If needed, the position may be rotated within the group. This position may be filled with a community affairs employee or a volunteer.

What are the Team Leader’s responsibilities?

The leader is responsible for scheduling the group and acts as the liaison between the company and the Meals on Wheels site.

What if an employee cannot deliver on our scheduled day?

If possible, volunteers should try to find a replacement or switch days with another team member. In an emergency, contact your team leader. It is possible for one of the delivery partners to deliver alone.

What if an employee can no longer deliver meals?

Be sure to inform your team leader that you need to resign. If possible, try to fina a replacement or ask the team leader to seek someone to fill your position.

What are the benefits?

Volunteers will help 10-12 individuals in need of nutritious meals and a human connection. Just knowing they’ve made a difference in someone’s life can be a tremendous reward and it’s a wonderful way to feel coming back from the most unique lunch break.